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Case Study 1

Process Improvement: Is Your Organization Ready?

Reviewing your organization's processes increases the likelihood that you can eliminate redundancy, reduce risk and expense, address regulatory requirements and take advantage of technology to better serve your customers. In this article, Fifth Star Consulting reviews the criteria for assessing whether or not your organization is ready for an effective process improvement program.

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Case Study 2

Market Readiness: The Difference in Change Management

Committing to change is difficult for any organization regardless of size. There are numerous case studies and white papers with prescriptions for implementing change within an organization, and an equal number of reviews on the relative success of each approach. Fifth Star Consulting’s approach includes a differentiator for the front office: a Market ReadinessTeam...

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Case Study 3

Chicago 2016: Using Events to Communicate a Message

The campaign to win an Olympic Games is multi-faceted. First and foremost, bid cities must compete internationally against other world class cities. Each city must determine its international hook and prove to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that it will bring the most to the Olympic movement. In addition to the international competition, bid cities must campaign for the support of the general public who often believe the Olympics will bring financial stress, inconvenience and that the games will be inaccessible to local spectators...

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